Spice is Right

Crafting an internal tool to help recruiters manage referrals.


Discovering the Issue

We started this project by talking to fellow Spiceworkers about issues they had in their departments. When talking to recruiting, we discovered that while the referral initiative, Spice is Right, was popular with employees and lead to 48% of hires, it was only being managed by one person, completely by hand. This created a few issues:


Feedback and Iterations

After scope was determined, I began with low-fidelity mockups, and by rapidly designing, testing, and iterating, worked to high-fidelity prototypes that were both easy to use and navigate, and possessed a look and feel that matched the current Spice is Right game stylings.

We realized after early discussions with users that it was important to the user to be able to have a link they could provide to people they wanted to refer.


Final Implementations

The final implementation of Spice is Right includes the initial featuers planned for, as well as an events manager. This streamlined experience for the Spice is Right competition has resulted in increased participation among the Spiceworkers and reduced the time spent on managing it for the recruiters.

In future versions, I would expand upon events in Spice is Right, an important feature to the program that we could not develop fully in the MVP. I would also attempt to come up with a solution for mobile users who were not on the company wifi, as this is an internal recruiting tool only available to those on our network.